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Beat Back

The GDPR Blues

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Know your duties

You can’t do anything about GDPR until you know what it is you need to do… We’ll work through your GDPR to-do list together.

Take steps to become secure

Protect yourself and your customers against fraud, fines, and the fun of explaining to a legal team why you ignored all those emails and webinars about GDPR.

Learn how to obtain consent

You need to be legitimately interested in getting clear, concise, and unambiguous information from your customers if you’re going to keep talking to them. It’s vital, promise.

Protect your customers’ rights

Your customers are about to have more rights than ever surrounding their personal information. Make sure that your team know their responsibilities in handling this data. It’ll make them look great.

Does this even affect me?


You’ve got until May 2018 to make sure you’re compliant. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will reach far and wide, affecting businesses of all sizes – that means you. If you’re not ready by then, there could be fines (which we don’t even want to think about). When the deadline is here, you need to be:

  • Informed and accountable
    understand your role in protecting data
  • Secure and compliant
    introduce these practices to your culture
  • Obtaining consent and protecting rights
    put your customers first

You may already think you’re pretty careful with your data, or think that the new laws won’t apply to you, but we can guarantee that GDPR (and the pesky lawyers who come with it) will think otherwise. Unless you have a CEO named Andrew Rastall who just can’t stop talking about GDPR, you might not feel like you’re quite ready for the industry-changing laws. We’re here to make sure you feel calm and collected by the time that GDPR comes into play.

  • Understand GDPR
  • Prepare for GDPR
  • Be GDPR